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PawAlert! Fun summer activities for you and your pup

CLICK HERE for a PawAlert! on some summer activities you and your pup can do together!

This PawAlert! episode gives some ideas on fun summer activities for you and your pup to enjoy together that are outside of the realm of the usual walk or hike that you might be doing regularly. Mixing it up helps your pup (and you) socialize, keep their brains active, and staying happy and healthy! Getting rid of boredom helps with dogs' behavior at home and their socialization.

You'll get some solid ideas for things to do, how to do them effectively, and good etiquette for when you go out into the world with your pooches. These include great ways to incorporate agility, pack walks, brain games, and more!

"If you're anything like me, you've been out walking your pup, going on hikes, you've played ball, fetch, and frisbee in your back yard." - Mariette
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