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Planning a vacation? Tips for keeping your dogs and cats safe and happy at home

CLICK HERE for tips on how to plan and prepare for your dogs and cats to stay home safely and happily with a pet sitter!

In this episode, Jill and Mariette provide lots of great suggestions for leaving your pets home with a petsitter, a necessary “to-do list,” leaving detailed instructions for your pet sitter, and more!

From puppies to adults to seniors, your pets need preparations to be done to make sure they fare well with their petsitter, especially if it's a new petsitter who has never stayed with them! Make sure they're set up to make it a better experience for everyone.

"Please don't go drop off your puppy for the first time at the boarding facility the day that you leave for vacation...and expect them to just settle in and be happy right away. Be honest about your puppy's situation and behavior to make sure it's a good fit for your puppy and the facility." - Mariette
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