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Riddick the Blind Therapy Dog, Roo the 2 Legged Pup Abandoned in a Brown Bag & much more!

CLICK HERE to listen to Riddick and Roo's stories on our Podcast!

On this Podcast Episode Gwen, Founder of Doberman Underground Rescue in Ohio,

talks to me about Riddick her blind therapy dog, Roo a 2 legged pup left in a brown bag in a shopping cart, Euthanasia, and how she plays music & sings to her pups!

"Once you've had a special needs dog you will always, always want another one because you learn SO much from them every single day. You truly are amazed at everything they do." - Gwen

Click HERE for more information about Doberman Underground, Adoptable Dogs, How to Donate to Doberman Underground, Volunteer, and so much more!



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