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Rita Reimers Cat Behaviorist and Host of 19 Cats and Counting

CLICK HERE to listen to Rita Reimers discuss all things cat--and other pets!

Host of Pet Life Radio’s 19 Cats and Counting, Rita’s “cat behavior magic” comes from her 30+ years of experience as a cat owner, cat rescue volunteer, and cat foster parent. Understanding cats and their behaviors is a natural ability for Rita, and she considers it to be her true gift and “calling” in life. She is a cat behaviorist and life-long cat lover, with extensive experience with multiple cat homes.

In this episode, Rita talks to about planning and preparing for your pets in the event you get sick, hospitalized, or worse. We also discuss working/foraging for food: the benefits and reasons why to encourage this behavior in your cats. Rita also discusses why declawing your cats is not the answer--and how it can make your cat's behavior (and health) worse.

Due to audio and technical difficulties we could not properly end our podcast, but thank you for listening!

"Cats are my life. When I traded in my high heels for sneakers, my whole lifestyle changed, and I've never been happier." - Rita
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