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Smoky: 4lbs, 7” tall, WWII Hero, and 1st Therapy Dog

CLICK HERE to listen to the story of the amazing, brave and spirited little Yorkie named Smoky who was a hero during WWII and the first recorded therapy dog!

Smoky was a Yorkshire Terrier who was found in 1944 by an American soldier in an abandoned foxhole in the New Guinea jungle. She did not understand commands in either English or Japanese and was sold to Corporal William A. Wynne of Cleveland, Ohio for the equivalent of $6.44.

Smoky traveled with Corporal Wynne and served alongside him, sleeping in his tent on a blanket, and she was credited with 12 combat missions and was awarded 8 battle stars.

Listen to the episode to hear Smoky's amazing story that proves size does not matter and that anyone--human or otherwise--can be a hero.

"Unlike the official war dogs of WWII, Smoky did not have access to veterinarian care and did not have a balanced diet formula like the other dogs." - Mariette
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