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Special Needs Dogs: Morgen the Tripod

CLICK HERE to listen to Jill and Mariette discuss special needs dogs in this week's Podcast episode!

Do you have a special needs dog, or are you interested in adopting one? Awesome! Tell us all about them by emailing us their story and photo!

In this episode, we're joined by Jill, owner and operator of Lumu, virtual pet business assistant in Minneapolis, MN. She provides virtual assisting to pet businesses like Furry Tail Shack!

Jill tells us all about Morgen, her hound-mix tripod that she adopted from the animal humane society where she worked. Mariette and Jill talk about why owning a special needs dog rocks, ways to make their lives the best they can be, how blind and deaf dogs make a difference, and how adopting a special needs dog can be a little different than (but also the same as) adopting a dog with no special needs. Make sure you're prepared to give that special needs pup his/her ideal home, and get some ideas on how you and your special needs pooch can help others!

"Give a special needs dog--or cat--a chance. You'll be surprised how much of a bond you can make between you and a pet that is special needs." - Jill
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